Tenjin is a technology firm specialising in applying the latest advances in data mining, artificial intelligence and software development to one-of-a-kind solutions tailored for your business.



We are a multi-disciplinary team of data scientists, engineers, and designers who are ready to tackle the hard problems and create lasting solutions.


Artificial Intelligence

We use the latest in machine learning to help extract, tag, and sort your data. With a combination of proprietary and open-source technology, Tenjin can recognize images and identify trends. We build custom systems for your needs with a complete log of every action and piece of data.



Your staff are too valuable to waste on routine tasks. From web-bots for data entry to client-facing APIs, our team can improve your business efficiency. Tenjin has proven technology to automate your business processes using scheduled reports, live dashboards and machine-generated communications.



Our real time analytics are provided through a range of platforms including JIRA integrations, Tableau reports and custom d3 visualisations. This gives you immediate oversight and peace of mind. Know what your system is doing, when it is doing it.


We work with a wide range of industries to guide processes and create efficiencies. Below is a selection of our current and past clients.